Exilis Elite™ – It’s Not a Miracle, but Seems Like One!

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Even I was surprised at the results when I tried this new device on myself!

3 Months Post 2 Elite Treatments

3 Months Post 2 Elite Treatments

Let me explain: I am referring to the new Exilis Elite™ device that uses radio frequency energy to tighten and diminish wrinkles jowls, neck and under eyes. I could see the difference on the treated vs. the untreated portion of my neck, with the former looking smoother. It’s not a laser, so there is no down time, no peeling, pigment change nor prolonged healing. The Exilis EliteTM can also be used to contour the body, tightening skin anywhere it sags. It’s not a miracle, but it seems like one.

Come in for a consultation and see what it can do for you.

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