MGMD Dermatology now has the upgraded Exilis Ultra with Ultrasound!!!

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For some time now, MGMD Dermatology has been offering Exilis Elite™ treatments, an exciting technology using radio frequency to deliver high energy in a controlled fashion to the dermis of the skin, causing collagen remodeling and a tightening effect. We have been obtaining fabulous results with the Exilis Elite and are excited to announce that BTL, the maker of the Exilis system, has now introduced Exilis Ultra™, AND MGMD DERMATOLOGY HAS IT!!

Exilis Ultra adds ultrasound to the radio frequency technology increasing efficacy.  With ultrasound the therapeutic treatment temperature is reached faster, increasing the skin tightening and fat burning effectiveness of Exilis Ultra treatments.  Exilis Ultra also enables treatment of additional areas, including slack upper arms.

For February and March 2017 only, MGMD Dermatology is offering a one time 10%  discount on Exilis Ultra treatments.  Take advantage of this great opportunity to discover Exilis Ultra or to add a new body area to your Exilis experience.  Exilis Ultra treatments take about three months to reach maximum effect, so the time is right for body sculpting to prepare for those skin-baring Spring and Summer days.  Call the office today to schedule a consultation or treatment, 201-567-8884.

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