Newsletter #2 / Winter 2012-2013

January 15, 2013

“Welcome to our winter newsletter, filled with all the news that will help you keep your skin healthy and beautiful on an ongoing basis. Also, please check my blog regularly for hot topics.”
--Dr. Michele Grodberg


Red might be the color of the season in fashion, but it’s anything but stylish when splotched over your face. This condition, called Rosacea, worsens in winter. If you have it, you may or may not know, so take this short True/False to see.
T or F 1. My skin gets flushed when I drink red wine. T or F 2. I have broken blood vessels around my nose and on my chin. T or F 3. I get bumps under my skin that won’t go away. T or F 4. I have both pimples and wrinkles. T or F 5. My skin gets red and irritated very easily.
If you answered True to at least four statements, this article is for you. So what is Rosacea? It’s a type of adult acne that consists of three components: diffuse redness, broken blood vessels and cyst-like bumps. While it can affect all segments of the population, those with fair skin who tend to flush easily are believed to be at greatest risk. Rosacea’s cause is unknown, however there are a number of medical treatments I can prescribe that can control or reverse its signs and symptoms. To counteract the ravages of time and the weather, I’ve created two packages: My Red Relief Package consists of three treatments and offers a two-pronged approach to minimizing redness. First is a session with the Diolite® laser* for erasing the individual, enlarged blood vessels followed by two Ellipse® I²Pl® Skin Rejuvenation* treatments one month apart to minimize diffuse redness. The package price is $700 (separately these procedures would cost $1695). The second, my Winter Rejuvenation Package, reduces uneven pigmentation and brown spots. You receive two Ellipse® I²Pl® Skin Rejuvenation* treatments, one month apart followed by a microdermabrasion session. This package costs $650 (separately these procedures would cost $1450).
Both packages must be purchased by March 31, 2013 and must be completed by December 31, 2013. The time investment is minimal, although several sessions may be necessary for optimal results. For more information, call for a consultation at (201) 567-8884.
Diolite® Laser
*Diolite® Laser - generates a focused beam of light, which delivers energy to a specific site; the laser energy is absorbed selectively by the color red and consequently this laser’s therapeutic effects are most apparent on red blood vessels. Accomplishes this with little to no down time. Ellipse® I²Pl® Skin Rejuvenation
*Ellipse® I²Pl® Skin Rejuvenation - delivers short bursts of very intense light to lighten age spots and reduces diffuse redness and uneven pigmentation and can help counteract sun damage found on the face, neck, chest and hands. Accomplishes this with minimal down time.  



Antioxidant GreenTea Cream CFThis soothing and moisturizing antioxidant cream guards your skin from environmental trauma and decreases inflammation and redness. Think of this formulation as the perfect antidote to winter weather. 1 oz. Regular Price: $72.00



√ Apply lotion over entire body immediately after showering to seal in moisture

√ Pat on therapeutic MGMD® Retinol Plus Eye Treatment PM, hydrating eye cream AM

√ Use MGMD® Recovery Complex on hands and feet at bedtime

√ Switch to an ultra mild soap-free cleanser if skin seems too dry

√ Remove polish from your toenails to minimize dryness

√ Apply sunscreen prior to outdoor activities



May 19, 2020

Facts to help you pick the right sunscreen for YOU!

Are you looking for authoritative guidance to sort through the zillions of sunscreen products and confusing marketing claims?  Want to understand how to tell just how good your favorite sunscreen is?  Looking for a sunscreen that you and your family will use all the time?  I’m here to help.  These FAQs are from the American Academy of Dermatology and are as authoritative as it gets.  I’ve highlighted the essential points for ease of use.  Think about it—why risk undoing all the time, effort, and expense we’ve put in to keep our skin looking young and beautiful?  Don’t risk it all for the short-term benefits of a tan.

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April 27, 2020

Focus - Eyes

Our “BE PRODUCTIVE” series spotlights how to choose the best eye cream for YOU!

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"BE PRODUCTIVE":  THE REAL DEAL ON RETINOL - 6 Tips and Tricks to Solve The Retinol Dilemma
"BE PRODUCTIVE": THE REAL DEAL ON RETINOL - 6 Tips and Tricks to Solve The Retinol Dilemma

April 20, 2020


Retinol derived from Vitamin A has long been promoted by dermatologists as one of the most powerful, scientifically-proven skin care ingredients. BUT Retinol can irritate skin, which can deter even those it could most help. Dr. Michele Grodberg, shares 6 Tips and Tricks to solve the Retinol Dilemma.

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