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“For years I’ve had redness on my face from Rosacea and haven’t found anything that helped get rid of it. After 4 Laser Genesis treatments, my skin felt smoother, the texture was improved and the redness was much less noticeable. Even my large pores appeared smaller.”—JL, Englewood

Ask Dr. Goldberg

“Laser Genesis is a non-ablative laser therapy using heat to trigger skin to produce collagen. I use it to minimize diffuse redness often associated with sun damage or Rosacea, fade acne scarring, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and naturally promote a healthy look. My patients love it!” —Dr. Michele Grodberg


“Laser Genesis rejuvenation treatments use micropulses of laser energy to penetrate deep into the cellular layer of the skin triggering a healing response that activates new collagen production and improves the skin’s appearance. Laser Genesis is actually stimulating the skin’s natural processes to reverse the signs of aging and sun damage. Additional heat generated in dilated capillaries as a result of the treatment also reduces redness.”

"Laser Genesis is effective for both men and women and patients report excellent results over their entire faces and necks. Additionally, this therapy can be used to diminish recent scars on other parts of the body.”

“You’ll feel a gentle warming of your skin’s surface during the procedure, often described as a relaxing pleasant sensation.”

“There is no special preparation necessary however you should not be treated if you have been actively tanning in the previous two weeks. If possible, you should come to the office wearing no makeup.”

"Results are typically subtle at first, with the benefits from treatment increasing over time as the regenerated collagen helps beautiful, smooth skin to grow. The intensity of the beneficial effects usually continues to increase as additional treatments are administered, with the average patient seeing optimal results after four-six treatments."

“Although most patients report few if any side effects, the most common is a slight redness that disappears within a few hours of treatment. Apply sunscreen and makeup and return to normal routine immediately.”

MGMD® Maintenance and Care Regimen

Dr. Grodberg emphasizes post-procedure care and develops and reviews with each patient a customized post-procedure protocol.

Dr. Grodberg brings her extensive experience and deep physicians’s knowledge to follow-up care and has designed standard guidelines as a starting point for most common procedures. See our See our Pre & Post Laser Genesis Guidelines Form form to get a general idea of her suggestions.

See below for Dr. Grodberg’s recommendations of products commonly used by patients who get Laser Genesis. Click on any product to find out more. Our popular Skin Rejuvenation Package or Alastin Procedure Enhancement Kit both contain many of our most recommended products at a significant savings.

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