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Sculptra® is an amazing product that stimulates your body to produce collagen.  The process takes time and Dr. Grodberg carefully explained what to expect.  I am so happy with the natural results.."—SR, Manhattan

Ask Dr. Goldberg

Sculptra® consists of tiny particles similar to the material used in absorbable sutures that dissolve over time. These particles are suspended in water. Sculptra® has to be injected in a very specific manner. Sculptra® also has a different mode of action than other fillers. After the treatment session the water gets absorbed over the next few days leaving the Sculptra® particles to trigger a response by the skin that results in new collagen formation. It takes about 4 to 6 weeks for this new collagen formation to be observed. It is a remarkable option for volume replacement which is the key to the aging face in certain individuals.Sculptra can also be used to thicken crepey skin in areas such as the arms and decollete—Dr. Michele Grodberg


“There are multiple contributing factors to the aging face. One is the loss of fat pads, deep below the facial muscles that provide a sort of “ scaffold” for the overlying skin. Some people lose these fat pads more profoundly than others, for example runners with low body fat. Sculptra® can be meticulously placed to restore volume in the areas of this fat loss with resulting lifting and redraping of the overlying skin. The results are natural in look and feel and remarkable. Bony loss in the temples and chin area can also lead to a hollow, aged look that is beautifully corrected by Sculptra®.”

"The number of treatments will vary from person to person. The most natural result can be achieved by slow correction over a series of injection sessions typically spaced 6 to12 weeks apart."

Sculptra® creates results that can last for 2 years


MGMD® Maintenance and Care Regimen

Dr. Grodberg emphasizes post-procedure care and develops and reviews with each patient a customized post-procedure protocol.

Dr. Grodberg brings her extensive experience and deep physicians’s knowledge to follow-up care and has designed standard guidelines as a starting point for most common procedures. See our Pre & Post Filler Guidelines form to get a general idea of her suggestions.

See below for Dr. Grodberg’s recommendations of products commonly used by patients who get Fillers. Click on any product to find out more. Our popular Skin Rejuvenation Package or Alastin Procedure Enhancement Kit both contain many of our most recommended products at a significant savings.

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