March 25, 2020

MGMD Dermatology

Dear MGMD Dermatology valued patient:

We hope you and your loved ones are coping well with our new reality in this difficult battle.  All of us are facing challenges large and small that will continue for at least some number of weeks.  It is vital that each of us do our part to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus/COVID-19 so that we can minimize its casualties and get past this emergency as soon as possible. 

Now for our news:

  • Our physicians are up and running on our new telemedicine application.  Visit our website or call the office 201-567-8884 to request a telemedicine appointment.
  • Our website and on-line store remain operational and we are fulfilling orders for our dermatologic products. Shipping is FREE (Use code FREE SHIP) through April 30th.
  • We are no longer seeing patients in the office except for extraordinary situations. When you speak with our office, we will determine whether your appointment or request for consultation should be done remotely via telemedicine or if we need to schedule you for an in-office appointment.
  • If we do schedule you for an in-office appointment (“post-corona”), please review our website for our COVID-19 screening policies before arrival.
  • If you have a previously scheduled (“pre-corona”) in-office appointment prior to April 13, 2020, please call the office to schedule a telemedicine appointment or to reschedule at a later date. We are hoping to reopen our office for in-office appointments on April 13, 2020 but that is subject to change.
Call the office as usual to arrange prescription refills or for other similar issues. We will do our best to accommodate you.
We are grateful for your loyalty, particularly at this difficult time, and look forward to seeing you again soon. Be well and stay safe.

Dr. Michele Grodberg


Resveratrol: A powerful Antioxidant to include in your Skin Care Regimen
Resveratrol: A powerful Antioxidant to include in your Skin Care Regimen

August 06, 2021

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RHA - The New Designer Filler
RHA - The New Designer Filler

April 12, 2021

RHA at MGMD Dermatology

The RHA® Collection  — Exciting New Filler

Revance Aesthetics is kicking off its brand new RHA® Collection of fillers at a tiny number of top Derm practices, including MGMD Dermatology! The RHA® Collection are the first hyaluronic acid fillers designed for dynamic wrinkles and folds.

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March 11, 2021

Before the Dawn

How wonderful that our long COVID hibernation may be nearing an end as vaccinations finally become available. With normal life, including our social lives, hopefully resuming soon, now is a great time to invest in some global rejuvenation while you can still hide behind a mask for a few days of downtime. MGMD Dermatology is here to help you achieve your beauty goals with these popular procedures.

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